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– Torticollis means twisted neck. If your baby has this condition her head will be tilted to one side.

– Congenital Torticollis means that your baby was born with this condition.

– Congenital torticollis is most often due to the muscle that connects the breast bone and collar bone to the skull. (Sternocleidomastoid muscle)

– This tightness may have developed due to the position of your baby in utero or because the muscles have been damaged during delivery

How will I know if my baby has torticollis?

You will probably notice that your baby holds her head to one side and has limited neck movement. Another tell tale sign is that you may often find a small hard lump in the side of your baby’s neck. The first line of treatment for a baby with torticollis is physiotherapy.

The Physio Hub based in the North East can do full assessment, as treatment is required ASAP once detected to ensure correct diagnosis. Immediate treatment should then be commenced not only to treat the torticollis but prevent secondary complications such as a positional plagiocephally (asymmetric head shape) and a delay in developmental skills.

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