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A rapid change in all areas of development.

During the toddler years, children go through a time of rapid change in all areas of development. Development is usually split into five areas:

– Physical (gross motor and fine motor skills)
– Social
– Emotional
– Cognitive
– Language

All of these areas of development are very closely linked and progression in each area is dependent on the other. The toddler years can be a very worrying time for parents as all children progress and develop at different rates. However, although the rate of development varies vastly from one child to another the overall pattern of child development is the same for most toddlers.

Beth Williamson based in the North East has specialised in this area of paediatric physiotherapy for many years assessing children holistically, promoting developmental skills and working closely with families when their children are diagnosed as having a condition which will effect their child’s development.

If you are concerned about your child’s development pick up the phone and have a chat. Beth is happy to discuss your concerns and arrange an appointment if required.

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