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Severs Disease

  • A common cause of heel pain in growing kids. Especially those who are physically active.
  • A painful bone disorder that results from inflammation of the growth plate in the heel.
  • Common during the growth spurt of early puberty. During this time the growth rate of the bones causes muscles and tendons to become very tight and over stretched. In severs this causes the heel to become less flexible putting pressure on the growth plate causing swelling tenderness and pain.
  • Other causes of Severs include children who are very active physically resulting in repeated stress on the growth plate
  • A pronated foot (A foot which rolls in when walking)
  • A flat or high arch
  • Overweight or obesity

Severs Disease: Physiotherapy

  • A physiotherapy assessment should ensure correct diagnosis and the underlying cause of Severs disease
  • Management of the condition is aimed at correctly managing physical activity, pain management, exercises to stretch and strengthen the leg muscles and tendons.
  • On going advice and assessment to promote rehabilitation during the disease progression back to full fitness.

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