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Reports and Recommendations

A comprehensive Occupational Therapy report is developed following the assessment of your child. The report will identify the problems your child is experiencing and more importantly will explain the reasons behind why these areas are difficult for your child. The report will will also detail specific child friendly advice and strategies to help address your child’s problems.

The Occupational Therapy report can be used in a variety of ways. You might wish to work on the strategies at home as a family or you may want to liaise with school to work jointly using the report. Alternatively you may want your child to receive direct occupational therapy intervention.

The report might also contribute to a statement of educational needs or SEND, school transitions, diagnostic processing and individual pupil funding. Should you need it the report can also be expertly delivered to the school SENco, teacher and teaching assistant to ensure your school has a clear understanding of your child’s needs

Ultimately it will help you, your child and others to understand the difficulties your child is experiencing and to begin to put in place the steps needed to help him/her.

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