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Premature Babies

All babies are special and a new baby is an anxious time for all parents. However here at The Physio Hub based in the North East of England, we understand the extra worry a premature baby can bring.

Premature babies are known to be at an increased risk of possible developmental delay in all areas of their development as they grow.

This is something that can not always be determined in the neonatal unit and babies undergo regular follow up for several years to continually assess and monitor their development.

Here at The Physio Hub based in the North East, we have specialist training and experience with preterm babies, assessing them for emerging impairment and ensuring early intervention whenever indicated.

However, we also know that many babies born preterm do not experience development delay and work to reassure parents regarding their babies development, offering advice and play ideas aimed at promoting skills and ensuring your baby is developing at their optimum potential.

If you feel your baby would benefit from further assessment at The Physio Hub please ring us to discuss.

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