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The Ponseti treatment involves correcting your babies foot deformity with a series of plaster casts and manipulations that gradually correct the position of your baby’s foot.

– On average baby’s will usually have approximately six casts. Casts are usually left on between five and seven days.

– Casts are usually soaked off and removed at home prior to attending an appointment for your next cast. Your baby can then have a nice bath prior to being recasted.

– Most babies then require a tenotomy which is a very straight forward surgical procedure before a final cast is put in place for approximately three weeks. A tenotomy is often required because unlike the ligaments of the foot the Achilles tendon is made up of thick non stretchable fibres and in most cases cannot be corrected by casting alone.

– A brace is then to be worn to maintain your baby’s corrected foot position. The brace is initially worn for three months full time and is only removed for bathing.

– The brace is then only worn at night time often until your child is approximately three years old.

Ponseti: Compliance

– This treatment method regularly achieves excellent results.

– However research shows that without a diligent follow-up bracing program recurrence and relapseoccur in more than 80% cases.

– In contrast to a relapse rate of 6% in compliant families.

Feet treated by this management have been shown to be strong, flexible and pain free, allowinga normal life.

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