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Paediatric Physiotherapy


They each have their own unique personality and potential. They deserve the best possible care and nurture to support their health and development.

Children’s physiotherapy includes the assessment, clinical diagnosis, treatment and management of children who have a general developmental delay, a disorder of movement or an impairment or illness which may be improved, controlled or alleviated by physiotherapy intervention. This intervention may include advice, physiotherapeutic skills and/or the use of specialised equipment or appliances. Paediatric physiotherapists treat children with physical problems caused by musculo-skeletal, neuromuscular and cardio-vascular/respiratory conditions.

Paediatric Physiotherapists have a key role in helping to facilitate a child’s maximum potential. An in-depth knowledge of the physical, emotional, behavioural and social variables of child development is essential.

The Services We Offer

At The Physio Hub, we offer a wide range of services for your needs. Including physiotherapy for:


All children referred require a full assessment to establish the appropriateness of private physiotherapy. Assessment may involve a mixture of detached observations, observation of play, parent or child questioning, social interaction, physical examination and standardised assessment tools. Following your child’s assessment realistic goals are set and discussed. Where appropriate, these goals will also be discussed with other members of a child’s multidisciplinary team

Following the initial consultation / assessment we will have a detailed discussion regarding your child’s needs and what the The Physio Hub can offer. A treatment plan will be composed taking into consideration the needs of your child and family. Follow up and frequency of intervention is client specific and dependent upon each individual child’s needs.

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