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New Baby

The Physio Hub understands the worry a new-born baby can bring

Beth Williamson has specialist training and experience working with new-born babies, understanding their behaviour and cues, diagnosing and treating problems specific to babies.

Many conditions specific to babies can be treated quickly and effectively if the correct advice is given early to promote the development of your baby’s skills as he/she starts to take notice and explore the world around them.

If you have any worries with regards to your baby’s physical development then please pick up the phone and have a chat.

If your Health Visitor has expressed concerns at your baby’s developmental review or perhaps you or a family member are worried regarding your baby’s development perhaps we can help give you peace of mind or provide treatment if required.

Perhaps you are worried about your child’s head control? Does your baby prefer to hold his / her head in one particular position / direction? Have you noticed your baby is particularly stiff in some joints or prefers to move only one side of their body? Is your baby particularly difficult to soothe and settle?

Here at The Physio Hub we will provide expert assessment, reassurance and intervention.

Beth is absolutely lovely

Beth is absolutely lovely and always listen to my worries about my baby’s development. We see Beth for therapy input and she really knows her stuff! She has in-depth knowledge about child development and about babies who have been in NICU/SCBU. I always walk away feeling positive and we have seen improvements in my baby’s development since bringing her here. I would highly recommend this service, and the cost is very reasonable.

– Emma Reeve, Customer

What if my baby or child does not have a diagnosis?

Many parents have a niggling concern regarding their baby from a very early age, perhaps this is a mother’s instinct.
However, neurological conditions are often not diagnosed until a child fails to hit key milestones such as crawling and walking.

Beth Williamson has specialised training in early detection of developmental problems in babies and young children.
All babies who come to The Physio Hub due to a developmental concern will be assessed and screened for any possible neurological concern.

Following a thorough assessment of your child all findings will be discussed in depth and an individualised developmental treatment programme will be composed to address your baby’s needs.

If any onward referrals are required these will be completed as part of your initial assessment.


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