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Here at The Physio Hub we have vast experience in treating babies, children and young adults with Neurological conditions. 
Neurological paediatric conditions commonly treated by paediatric physiotherapists include:

– Congenital disorders including Cerebral Palsy
– Genetic conditions
– Head Injuries
– Cancers of the brain or spinal cord
– Inherited diseases like muscular dystrophy

We also treat many children who do not have a diagnosis but present with difficulties that cause a delay in their development.

At The Physio Hub we work closely with parents and the wider multidisciplinary team to champion your child and to help them reach their potential. We have a purpose built clinic that provides a warm and nurturing accessible environment for both you and your child. Therapy is bespoke to your childs clinical needs. If you wish to discuss our services please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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