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Handwriting is an essential foundation for successful learning, but it is also a complex skill with a range of elements working alongside pencil control. Good core stability is needed to achieve a stable sitting posture so that the arms can move effectively and the body does not fatigue, the fine hand and finger muscles create grip, stability and control of the pencil and visual perception contributes to accuracy, memory and copying. Motor planning too is an essential aspect of handwriting, as is attention and concentration.

Some common difficulties associated with poor handwriting include:

– Poor control of pencil application
– Poor pencil grip
– Reduced pencil control
– Too little or too much pencil pressure
– Reduced writing speed
– Reduced posture and stability
– Difficulty with letter formation, copying and visual motor output
– Poor letter formation and reversals
– Poor motor planning and coordination
– Decreased sensory motor skills

Occupational Therapy at the physio hub will use a variety of both formal and informal assessments to identify the difficulties your child is experiencing with handwriting. Various handwriting programmes will be delivered, as well as activities to develop the underlying skill deficit areas which might be affecting your child’s handwriting. We will set goals that are important to you and your child but that will be analysed within play and games to ensure fun and most importantly motivation.

The overall aim of the handwriting programmes are to improve your child’s handwriting by developing the following areas:

– A mature pencil grip
– Efficient and stable posture
– Visual Perception
– Fine motor, dexterity and strength
– Concentration and attention
– Confidence
– Coordination skills

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