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Developmental Coordination Disorder/Praxis

Some areas of concern often highlighted to Occupational Therapists are:

Developmental Corordination Disorder (DCD) can also be known as Dyspraxia which originates from Praxis difficulties. Praxis is having the ability to create an idea of an action, plan the action and then carry out the desired movement. Experience drives the development of Praxis and it is a really important skill required as a basis for learning and every day activity. Within Sensory Integration Theory Praxis is described as “the ability of the brain to conceive of, organise and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar actions” (Ayres, 1973).

Children who have difficulties with carrying out and coordinating their actions often appear awkward, especially when they participate in new activities or those that are not carried out frequently.

Some of the most common difficulties associated with DCD and Praxis are:

– Delays in achieving developmental milestones
– Poor planning and body/spatial awareness
– Difficulties in carrying out activities that require multi-step instructions
– Inability to hold a pencil efficiently
– Poor hand writing skills
– Difficulties with organisation skills
– Hesitancy in participating in activities
– Might display signs of frustration
– Likes routine and becomes upset at change
– Poor fine and gross motor skills

Occupational Therapy at the Physio Hub use both standardised and clinical observational assessments to identify the difficulties your child is experiencing and provide a comprehensive report of outcomes. We will use play activities based on identified aims and goals to address your child’s identified difficulties and an individual weekly therapy programme will be delivered, reviewed and altered, as appropriate, to ensure progress is achieved.

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