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Posted on: December 9th, 2019 by admin

Following several enquiries from parents requesting information on how private therapy works along side that provided by the NHS we thought you may be interested on the guidance given from the DOH (Department of Health) CSP ( Chartered Society of Physiotherapists) and BAOT (British Association of Occupational Therapists) on how this works. Here at The Physio Hub we strive to work alongside NHS therapists to provide the best care for children and their families.

In 2009 the DOH published guidance for NHS patients who pay for additional private care. Key points included:
you’re still entitled to NHS care free of charge if you choose to pay for additional private services
your position on a waiting list should not be affected when choosing to pay for private services

The CSP states:
Patients who choose to be treated privately are entitled to NHS services on exactly the same basis of clinical need as any other patient and should not have NHS treatment withdrawn or refused because they also have private care. Patients have a right to choose where they seek treatment, and in some cases this can result in patients seeking and receiving concurrent treatment in both the NHS and private sectors.

As with any other patient who moves between NHS and private status, patients who pay for private physiotherapy care should not be put at any advantage or disadvantage in relation to the NHS care they receive. They are entitled to NHS services on exactly the same basis of clinical need as any other patient.

BAOT quote:
If you and another practitioner are involved in the treatment of the same service user, you
should work co-operatively, liaising with each other and agreeing areas of responsibility. This should be communicated to the service user and all relevant parties

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